Voice Lessons Online Improve Vocal Breathing Techniques

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Just like a professional athlete, vocalists must perfect foundational techniques before more advanced singing structures can be attained. Some of these foundation techniques may include basic vocal warm-ups, stretching, or breathing technique. In fact, vocal breathing may be one of the most important techniques to learn early in your singing career as improper breathing can greatly impede progress made later on.

Vocal breathing, if learned early, can allow singers to develop greater vocal strength, projection, as well as help singers increase their vocal range. However, while proper breathing is a great asset to your singing voice, improper breathing can be just as detrimental.

Improper breathing (also known as “shallow” or “chest” breathing) can cause vocal strain, decrease projection, and limit vocal range. It can cause the perception of a “weak” voice and limit progress made as you try to acquire new singing techniques.

While it is beneficial to learn proper breathing techniques early in your vocal training, proper breathing can be practiced and attained regardless of your level of training. It may require a little more practice to counteract current breathing habits; however, poor breathing habits can be easily corrected regardless your level of vocal training.

One simple way to assess and practice proper breathing is by using the floor technique. Many singers who practice poor breathing utilize clavicular breathing where the breathe is caught in the top of the lungs causing the clavicle and shoulders to rise. The floor technique uses gravity to prevent this from happening regardless of habit. The floor technique involves lying on your back on a flat solid surface, such as hardwood floors. Lay your arm and hands to your sides with your palms facing toward the ceiling. In this position, take a deep breathe, inhaling as deep into your stomach as possible. Your stomach should expand toward the ceiling. This is an indicator that you are inhaling deeply into your lungs rather than a shallow breathe which will sit in the top of your lungs causing your shoulders to rise. Lying on a solid surface allows gravity to help you practice proper breathing by preventing your shoulders from rising.

Continue to lie on the floor and take 10-15 more deep breathes. Practicing this proper breathing technique before your regular vocal warm-ups will help ensure that you are practicing proper breathing while you vocalize.

Proper breathing enhances your vocal quality as well as enables a greater vocal range and helps to progress to more advanced vocal training. Voice lessons online can help you eliminate vocal strain and enhance your vocal quality using these vocal breathing techniques.

As a third generation child of music (My grandmother is a proficient organist and pianist, my mother a classically trained vocalist and music educator) I have had the joy of being raised in an environment that fostered musical creativity. This creativity I was able to express both on stage vocally and as a part of musical theater. It has allowed me to participate in my community and challenge myself academically. I have found the quest for vocal improvement to be both enlightening and challenging and take every opportunity I can to further my learning.

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Sell your beats online

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How to make money selling your beats online:

There are so many ways for up and coming music producers to earn money but the easiest and quickest way to make money is to sell your beats online. With over 10 or more different sites to choose from when selling your beats, music producers will have to choose the right and most visited sites to sell their beats. Though you will not get rich over night selling beats, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to sell your beats online. Producers will have to target sites that has traffics so they can easily start selling.
Now a days, because the beat selling industry is so competitive, individuals will have to come up with new strategies to get the maximum traffic they need to their sites this article will outline a few ways to make money selling your beats online.

1) choose the right website. with over 10 or more sites to choose from when selling your beats, it is very important to choose the right
website to sell your beats. But be careful, make sure you choose a website that is free to join and that will not charge you even if you have not sold any beats. There are free websites like beatultimate.com to sell your beats for free and keep all your beat sales.

2) Promote your page: Don’t just stop there, you will need to promote your page with other social networking sites available on the internet such as Facebook, MySpace, twitter etc. Sites like beatultimate.com gives you the necessary tools like embedded player to promote your beats.

3) Be in charge-Create different producers page: Recruit other producers to join your team in that case your beats will be diverse and not sound the same. This will earn you more commission from every producer who joins your team. Example 50% on lease sales 20% on exclusive. By creating different pages for your producers and managing them, you are going to be the one in charge. Don’t just rely on one page. Create different pages and track which producer is performing well. This will help you target and focus on what producer is bringing in the most cash for your
production company.

4) Sell your beats for dirt cheap- surprised? Well don’t be- as an up and coming producer, the best way to keep customers coming is to sell your beats at an affordable price. This will keep your customers coming for more. Nowadays, it does not take a whole lot of work to make beats. With programs like fruity loops, Reason etc. You can make beats within minutes. This strategy will not only prepare and showcase your talent but give your customers more options and wanting for more with so many beats to choose from.

These are few examples to help you start your beat selling business online. If you follow these steps you will be on your way to start making money by selling your own beats.visit site like http://www.beatultimate.com and start selling your beats for free!!!!

Very dedicated individual who is committed to helping individuals succeed by giving them the info they need to their projects. been writing articles for years now and my goal is keep individuals well informed about any information related to the music industry.

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