What You Need to Know Before You Learn to Sing

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A lot of people think that to sing you just open your mouth and let the words out. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Yes it’s true that a few lucky people have the skill and talent to become the next Sinatra or Garland without really trying but for the rest of us it takes practice and the right know-how to really learn to sing the right way. This article will take you through some tips you need to know before you learn to sing.

#1 Proper Vocal Technique

Without the proper techniques you are asking for trouble. No I’m not talking about your pitch or tone, I’m talking about the wear and tear on your vocal chords. Sing using the wrong techniques and you’ll end up with nodes all over your vocal chords. Just listen to Kim Carnes or Rod Stewart speaking and you’ll hear what I mean.

#2 Practice Makes Perfect

Just like anything, don’t expect to be a star singer the first time you open your mouth and let a tune out. It is going to take practice to make the right sounds and sing properly. Even most professional singers continue to get singing lessons to keep their vocal chords stretched and limber. If you have never sang before your voice will need to be trained and you’ll need to give yourself the time to get really good.

#3 Rest Your Voice

You need times to let your vocal chords rest. Just like any part of your body that you exercise, it’s going to get sore at times. If it does get sore or tired then you need to rest it – and that means no talking as well if you can help it otherwise you could do damage to your throat. If you do get a sore throat then hot drinks are very good. A well known singer remedy is hot water with honey and a squeeze of lemon.

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