You Can Use Hip Hop Beats in Many Ways

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These days it’s possible to download a huge amount of royalty free hip hop beats (in a wide variety of styles) just by joining an inexpensive online hip hop beats membership site. Obviously this appeals to those who want beats to rap over or who want to create their own hip hop instrumentals using these beats. That’s a great use of these beats and if that’s what you are looking for then I definitely recommend you join a royalty free hip hop beats membership site now. But there’s really a lot more ways of using these types of beats that may have nothing to do with hip hop or rap.

Guitar Practice

One great way you can use hip hop beats is for practicing your guitar playing. Don’t you think it’ll be a lot easier to “get into a groove” playing along a cool hip hop beat rather than just playing along with a metronome? Don’t you think that will help you to unleash more of creativity? I know that I hate practicing guitar while using a metronome and I also don’t always want to be playing along with a song. I prefer playing along with hip hop beats (sometimes I like to write my own riffs while I do this.) I think you may prefer it as well if you give it a chance.

Use Hip Hop Beats In Your Own Songs

While these beats may be intended for hip hop music, there’s no reason you can’t experiment with using these sorts of beats in your own rock or pop music. If you don’t have a drummer then this is a great alternative. Plus you may find you end up with a more interesting sound than you would using a real drummer anyway. Try it out. []Beats 365 Hip Hop Beats are recommended. When you join this royalty free hip hop beats membership site you will have access to over 100,000 beats in every style imaginable: []CLICK HERE.

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