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Jazz music is a kind of popular music that is mostly liked by well established or the elite class. However, it has now become a popular taste for all kind of listeners. Big Band, a popular musical group, is widely known for its jazz music. From early 1930s to late 1940s, the group was one among the most famous jazz bands and has offered some of the best touching music pieces loved by everyone till date. Big Band Jazz music was played by musicians ranging from 12-25 in number.

One of the specialties of Big Band is that the group utilizes all the musical instruments that are required in composing a jazz music. Whether it saxophone, trumpets, rhythm section or the trombones, Big Band jazz music group has some of the most renowned players.

Moreover, jazz midi files can easily be downloaded via Internet or CDs can be purchased that are available in markets at an affordable rate. Some people who have interest in singing can also get karaoke CDs that consist of only jazz music. By buying such CDs, the music lovers can enjoy the Big Band Jazz Music as well as sing with the famous beats composed by them.

Many offline and online stores provide Jazz midi files of Big Band and they offer maximum numbers of files with excellent quality. One could also practice jazz bass lines using these jazz midi files offered by Big Band. Walking jazz bass lines are the most melodious and the neatest sounding parts being offered. One can practice jazz bass lines by studying original music beats composed by Big Band.

There are also many sources that distribute pirated CDs and popular music files of Big Band illegally. So, jazz lovers should check the copyright and the authenticity certification in order to get the original version. Jazz, as a form of musical art, has expanded beyond its genre definition and it keeps on transforming to remain in tune with the changing era. It originated as a moody music from the African American communities residing in the southern part of America. Formerly, the jazz music forecasts the moods and the struggle of the African American living in New Orleans. Around 1920s jazz music spread over the northern part of US and most of the jazz bands perform before the common society.

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