How to Learn Songs on the Guitar Without Reading Music

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If you want to learn songs, the internet is your best friend. There are typically two ways to learn songs on the internet.

1. Guitar Tabs – Guitar tabs tell you what fret to play on what string.

2. Chords – Chord songs typically have the lyrics written out with the proper chords to play over top. Sort of like ‘follow the bouncing ball’

Tablature – Guitar tablature is like a cheat sheet for guitarists. Tab uses a diagram similar to a musical staff to symbolize the fretboard and the strings. Each line represents a string. Numbers are placed in the tab to tell you what fret to play. Whatever line the number is on will tell you what string to play. Here is a good guide on how to read guitar tabs from Guitar Today. Tabs are great for when you have some time to sit and learn a song in it’s entirety.

Chords – Chords are a great way to learn songs ‘off the cuff’. When you search google for the chords to a song you will likely find almost any song you want. The lyrics are written out in full and there are chords above the word where the chord change occurs. Using chords off of websites online is a great way to quickly learn a song without worrying about note-for-note recreations of guitar solos or fills.

There are plenty of resources online for finding both guitar tabs and guitar chords. In order to find a particular song that you want to learn type the songs name into Google followed by the word ‘tabs’ or ‘chords’.

Using both of these tools you should be well on your way to learning hundreds of songs in no time at all with the help of the internet.

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