Why Are Piano Worship Chords So Difficult?

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Piano worship chords are difficult for sure, but why? Pianos are used in worship services throughout the world. Music in general is use as a means of giving praise and worshiping. As you might expect, worship music is a powerful, emotional, spiritual creation. What this means for us is that learning to play piano worship music is not as easy as reading the notes from the sheet.

A very important influence in worship music is rhythm. The combination of strong chords with a strong rhythm is very moving. The use of syncopation is prominent in worship music. Basically, by accenting a part of the measure that is usually unstressed, and resting where a beat would normally be stressed, a new, unique rhythm is created.

There are a number of chord progressions used in worship music. But not only that, but a number of “color chords” are also used. Many arpeggios are also used. This is accomplished by playing each chord one note at a time instead of all notes at once, as nearly everyone is initially trained. After all of this unique flavor, add in some unconventional runs, fillers modes, walk ups, walk downs at just the right spots, and you can see how difficult it can be to master playing piano worship chords.

How Can You Learn To Play Piano Worship Chords?

This is a skill developed over time with lots of playing the same pieces over and over. You have to get comfortable improvising on what you already know. Start out with a piece you are familiar with already. Then play it a few times over and over. Get really comfortable until the music begins to flow freely.

Now begin to add some some arpeggios with your chord play. Maybe try a new chord and get comfortable with your hand positions. Play around with this, remember nobody is listening! Try one time straight, and one time arpeggio on the same chord, decide what you like, and what feels right to you.

Try listening to the way the music is being played. Listen to the way chords are finished off, maybe moving down a semitone and back for an ending. Also try different types of music like Jazz and Blues. There are a lot of similarities between worship music and those genres. In fact, much of modern worship music can trace its roots to Jazz and Blues music. But trying this will teach your hands new and more relaxed ways of moving across the keys.

Playing music on the piano is great, and it can be expressed across many types of music. No doubt learning any new style of play can be difficult. It’s really a matter of practice, improvisation, and your own personal comfort. So have fun on the piano, and you will tackle those piano worship chords at your own pace.

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