Always 182 – 7 Songwriting Tips To Create Powerful Hooks Like Blink 182

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Blink 182′s “Always” is a great break-up song with simple, but powerful hooks that keeps fans listening again and again. It seems as if Blink 182 always comes out on top when it comes to catchy melodies.

But how do songwriters always hit their stride and produce high-quality hooks like Blink 182 consistently? Follow these 7 tips about songwriting and you’ll be closer to powerful hooks for your song to always stand out.

1. Use powerful and memorable lyrics.

Blink 182 will not use a powerful hook unless they have the words to back it up. Always look at your lyrics to make sure they have a strong and memorable meaning. A dull lyric in a hook is like a car driven by a baby.

2. Use lyrics everyone can relate to.

You never hear lyrics about that time you caught a parrot in the Amazon jungle. That’s because your lyrics need to be easy to connect with. “Always,” by Blink 182, is a generic song about break-up. I think we can all relate to that.

3. Try adding counter melodies.

Think of the song “Hold On” by Blink 182. They have two melodies overlapping each other. If you’re producing more than one melody, overlap them. This is not always the best idea, but it can add bulk where a tune might be lacking.

4. Simple, but strong instrument leads can create hooks.

Sometimes songs should break from vocals and have an instrument solo. These solos don’t always have to be in the same spot, but intros and choruses are ideal. Think about how many instrument leads were used in the introductions of Blink 182 tunes.

5. Most of the time your hook is in the meat of your chorus.

If you’re always having a hard time finding a hook in your song, analyze your chorus. Blink 182 stumbles across most of the hooks from messing around with word choices and focusing on their choruses the most.

6. Add thick and tasteful harmonies.

A tasteful use of harmonies is always a good idea. If you know the vocal progression and want to add depth, practice a harmony. Most bands would lose a large amount of recognition without their harmony vocals.

7. Use a mixture of sustained and short notes when singing.

Listeners want to hear songs that bring new information with each listen, so make your hooks interesting. Notice how “Always” has a mix of long and short sung notes throughout the tune. Follow Blink 182′s example and use some melody variation.

A great hook will give you major recognition as a songwriter. Always try to find an awesome hook for each of your songs, and maybe you can reach Blink 182 status some day.

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Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m a singer/songwriter that thoroughly enjoys a good band like Blink 182. For some great singing and instrument links visit Always 182 and for anything about Blink 182 visit 182 The Small Things

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