Dave Matthews Band Newest Album Release

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Dave Matthews Band has returned with an all new album and an all new sound, after a four year hiatus of sorts. There newest album “Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King” has departed from earlier works by the DMB.

In the past the Dave Matthews Band was known for a more rocking sound then bands such as Moe or Phish. With their newest release, the DMB goes into a new direction and expends on a more mature approach towards music and it’s influences while mourning the loss of their dear friend and founding band member, LeRoi Moore.

Moore died in 2008 as a result of complications caused by an ATV accident. His role as saxophonist was taken up in the studio by Jeff Coffin. Many theorize the band came back together to make this album as a sort of tribute to Moore, and this is easily across the CD.

There are many songs on the album, especially “Funny the Way It Is” the albums first track, that reflect on the loss of Moore and the bands reaction to his passing. It is the track that most resembles the old Dave Matthews Band sound while incorporating their new direction. Other tracks, such as “Alligator Pie” and “Baby Blue”, deal with the bands time apart and work with others, as well as their experience with producer Rob Cavallo, while recording in Louisiana.

With a Delta Blues sound, along with New Orleans French Quarter influences this album show the bands ability to play, despite the loss of Moore.

Although this album takes a new direction from what fans are used to, they will be sure to find that the feelings of the music has had minimal change. Dave Matthews fans will surely be able to find the heart of the sound as they have done in the past. “Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King” is sure to become a DMB classic, same as”Under the Table and Dreaming” and “Crash”, even if the new sound takes a little getting used to.

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The New Dave Matthews Band CD, has been said to be a tribute to the passing of fellow band member LeRoi Moore.To order your copy, of Dave Matthews Band Whiskey, today check out www.cdwow.com.

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