Different Tactics in Promoting a Band

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It is not that easy to have a great impact in the band music industry, especially with many existing competitive bands all around the state. A band must exert more effort in promotions to achieve favorable results.

Most of the starting bands aim to get the attention of recording companies, venue bookers, and potential viewers of a specific show. This is possible with some promotional tactics to be done.

• A band press kit is essential to promote a band and get the attention of a potential record company. A band press kit must include a band photo, band profile, gig list, song list and a demo CD. A band demo CD is important to showcase at least three of a band’s best songs. The demo CD must be recorded with high quality to win the favor of record companies and venue bookers.

• There should be a band website created to get an Internet presence for a specific band. In a band website, updates on gigs, tours and shows can be included, as well as the band profile, list of songs, and links to band listings. A band can make use of social networking sites that are designed for musicians. Myspace.com, facebook.com, and purevolume.com are some of the best examples of websites for band promotion.

• A poster can advertise a band show at fairs, festivals and other events. Bands can avail online poster printing services to produce posters for a specific show. Posters can be created in black and white or in full color, depending on the theme of a certain band’s show. Posters can be computer made or can be customized. Bands can also create poster prints online by incorporating the image or design of their album cover.

A band will be able to start creating impact in the music industry once its name became popular through shows, prints, and the Internet. It is important to know these tactics in promoting a band at a most competitive scenario.

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