New Album, Same Style, PSB “Yes

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Since their inception in 1986, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have carried their English, electronic dance music duo through over 2 decades of success, including more than 50 million record sales worldwide. Their ninth album is bound to be another chart-topper. Their latest album entitled Yes has everything that fans love about this amazing duo. Filled with state of the art songs that combine an innovative artistry with an exuberant commercial appeal, Yes is filled with numerous potential hits. And it is nice to have Chris Lowe doing back up vocals again, something that has been missing from the PSB music for a while.

Whether you are a long time fan of the PSB or this is the first album you have decided to try, you will be able to notice the large amount of insight into the music industry that this duo posses. With tracks like cool dance “Love Etc” directed to the socialite crowd, to the ballad “Beautiful People” there is something for all types of music lovers.

In the usual PSB tone that you would expect are the sneaky hidden undertones and covert social comments that the fans expect. The great thing about the Pet Shop Boys is there way of conveying their messages in such a way as to be equally as pleasing to both liberal and conservative listeners. Like in Building a Wall where it refers to not so much to keep you out/more to keep me in this could convey a message of immigration or one of intimacy or can just make for nice listening for those who aren’t looking for anything more.

My absolute favorite track from this album however is the track ”Pandemonium” it is an incredible mix of disco, that is so primal that it takes you that head banger place.

The new PSB CD is concentrated with everything there is to enjoy about the duo. It is danceable everyday pop mixed with warmth and irony. “Yes” is a must have for any PSB fan.

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The New Pet Shop Boys CD has been released and it is one that fans will love instantly. The duo is back together and better then ever in this new Pet Shop Boys Yes CD. To buy your copy today log onto

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