American Idol: Kris Allen and Social Mood

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History will look back at 2009 as a year of transition. Great financial experiments are being conducted in labs known as Citibank and Bank of America. Rising instability is mounting around the globe. The Obama era is underway and change is in the air. Beyond the shifting global landscape, the American mindset is rapidly evolving (maybe even transforming). One of our favorite financial blogs, Minyanville, has gone in depth about the importance and implications of changing social mood.

Tonight’s American Idol victory by acoustic teen heart throb, Kris Allen, is a significant milestone amidst a groundswell of change. Yes, Kris Allen’s ballot box resembled that of Barack Obama’s 69 million votes last November. What’s the big deal? Let’s take a quick look back at music history and its correlation to global events, the economy, and social mood.


How fitting that Adam Lambert sang tonight with Kiss, a classic American Rock band that formed in late 1972 and came to prominence with the mid 1970s in the midst of a difficult economy, staglfation, and an oil shock. 35 years later, America seemed primed to embrace a rock act with a show.


In the early 1980s, the US was in a state of flux with a new president (Ronald Reagan) facing high inflation, a hostage situation, and a recession. Upbeat disco of the 70s was dead and gave way initially to New Wave and Artsy Punk. As America worked her way through challenges, more upbeat music, including pop soul, ruled the day. Madonna and Cindy Lauper joined Michael Jackson as Billboard’s hit-makers.

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