Rock ‘n Roll Jesus: Bono Hits the Road with U2

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When David Evans gave himself the nickname The Edge and Paul Hewson decided he was Bono, couldn’t they have come up with a nickname for drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.?

Apparently not. In any event, Bono, The Edge, and… Larry are embarking on the U2 360 tour this summer along with their wonderfully bland bassist, Adam Clayton. U2 at the Rose Bowl will take place on Sunday, October 25 and your best bet for securing the best seats in the house would be to contact Golden Circle Tickets today.

Think of all the benefits: U2 is the only band on the planet where you can rock out while eradicating famine worldwide. Pat yourself on the back and, for that, we only have to thank Bono, the Savior for all that is Righteous in the world.

I choose my words carefully here because while I respect Bono as a musician and a humanitarian, I fear that if I say the wrong thing, he could have me destroyed.

What separates Bono from the rest of his fellow ’80s rockers? He chose sunglasses over cross-dressing and eyeliner. Sorry, Dee Snider, but Twisted Sister has not been granted the same degree of reverence as U2. The Police were certainly in the same class as both bands wrote groundbreaking music while featuring similarly singular-named blowhard frontmen. Both Sting and Bono are world-class musicians, but sometime in the 1980′s, they chose very different paths. For all that Bono has meant to Africa and starving children nationwide, that is what Sting has meant to tantric sex. Not quite as noble, certainly, so one must assume that Sting harbors some resentment towards the Irishman.

What separates Bono from the rest of his fellow ’80s rockers is that he more Oprah Winfrey than Bon Jovi. While “The Joshua Tree” and “Achtung Baby” are widely regarded as some of the best rock albums of all time, U2 has become less of a band and more of a political movement. Not political in the typical Republican versus Democrat kind of way, but rather political in the sense of advancing an admirable agenda by capitalizing on one’s notoriety. Peruse Bono’s Wikipedia entry and you will see his pictures taken with the President of Brazil, President George W. Bush, and appearing at 2008′s World Economic Forum in Davos. It is safe to say that Bono was the only one in attendance wearing colored sunglasses.

Some might find Bono pretentious, others heroic. Whoever you may be, when “Sunday Bloody Sunday” gets played on the radio, we all turn it up. Regardless of whether you want to see U2 for the lyrics or for the music, U2 at the Rose Bowl on Sunday, October 25 is going to be an event to be remembered. Get premium seats while they last by contacting Golden Circle Tickets today.

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