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A good way to start your journey to the stars is to get involved in singing contests and to get yourself known. You can bet that almost every town and definitely every city has some sort of singing contests being held in community or town halls. If there are none in your local area why not set up local singing auditions or a singing talent search contest at night and invite people to sing as well as take part yourself? Many times local authorities will grant you use of their halls for a small fee or even for free. The key is to get your practice in and move up and up to larger audiences and different venues in preparation for the big league.

It is even possible to upload your song to certain places on the Web such as youtube and others. Here for example is a site that lets you upload 2 of your songs for free and it seems they do have facilities for targetting your singing talent to the right people.

The most important thing to realise in your endevour to becoming a singing sensation is that you will have to audition – and well. It is very wise to watch other people and note what mistakes they make, such as watching the Britain’s got Talent show and taking note of the judges comments. You need to identify what is your ‘niche’ area in singing and practice in this area, do not try to audition a song because it is popular if you cannot make it sound good on stage.

Practice makes perfect is a great saying to remember so you need to Practice and Practice till you can do no more but do not burn yourself out or try and please other people. You want to be pleased with yourself and feel that your efforts were worthwhile and you got what you wanted out of it.

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