The Profound Music of Jamey Johnson Country Singer

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The American music artist Jamey Johnson country singer was born in Montgomery, Alabama on July 14th 1975. In 2005 when he was working for BNA Records his single under the name “The Dollar” was grandly released. In 2008 he signed to Mercury, dropping BNA in the year of 2006 and his second album “That Lonesome Song” was released. Two more singles “In Color” and “High Cost of Living” were produced. Jamey Johnson country singer worked with the legends like GeorgeStrait, Trace Adkins, Joe Nicholas and James Otto.

In 2006 “Give It Away” which he wrote with Cannon and Bill Anderson became famous. The song became the 41st number on Billboard country charts. In 2007 with Trace Adkins Jamey Johnson co wrote ” Ladies Love Country Boys” and “I Got My Game On” of which the first one became Adkins” number one. “The Nicholas” album Real Things contained this song and “She’s All Lady” recorded by Jamey Johnson on The Dollar.

Further, Johnson was involved in the Fox Television series, Nashville. His album “That Lonesome Song” was available only online. He signed Mercury Nashville Records in 2008 and in March 2008 “In Color” was emancipated. In Color written with James Otto and Lee Thomas Miller entered in Top 40 during June 2008 and reached 9th position on the country charts during January 2009 and then later on “High Cost Of Living” entered top 40 reaching 34. Lonesome song released in August 2008 and was certified gold by RIAA in April 2009. “My Way To You” came out in July 2009 which was a lead to his third album and emancipated to radio on July 13 2009.

In 51st Grammy Awards, Jamey Johnson country singer won Best County Album, Best County Song, Best Male County Vocal Performance and Academy of country Music’s 2009 award as the hit song for that year.

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