Downloadable Guitar Lessons – 4 Things You Need to Know

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I have been teaching guitar for about three years now and it seems in the last couple of months I have been asked several times by potential students what is the advantage of taking lessons with me over taking them online. Downloadable guitar lessons were not an option when I was budding guitarist so I couldn’t really answer their questions. I decided to look into it thinking I would be able to punch holes in these lesson plans but what I found was a little scary, at least from a guitar instructors point of view. Below I will share with you what I found to be true about downloadable guitar lessons.

The first thing I noticed about downloadable guitar lessons is that it was rather nice to be able to sit at home and practice. I did not have to pack up my guitar and take it to the teachers house or studio and I could spend the time it takes to get there playing instead of driving.

Another advantage of being at home is you feel more comfortable. Their is no pressure from your instructor to play it right. After all we do expect you to practice what we tell teach you. With downloadable guitar lessons I could see how it would make it easier for younger students to develop more confidence in their playing.

The downloadable guitar lessons I reviewed surprised me. Although most of the topics were not new to me I did find a lot of innovative methods for teaching the material to students. In fact I have started using some of the techniques I found on my own students and I am some what ashamed to say that they are advancing faster using the methods from the downloadable guitar lessons then my own.

Lastly, the real shocker to me was the amount of money a student would have to pay for one of these downloadable guitar lessons. I currently charge my students $25 an hour and most of them visit me once a week. During my research I purchased 4 different downloadable guitar lesson packages for under $200 dollars and each one was filled with enough information to keep the average student busy for 6 months to a year. I’m sure you can do the math on this one.

Downloadable guitar lessons are definitely catching on and they have some major advantages. No lugging your equipment around, no pressure and solid learning material for a fraction of the cost are just the beginning of what I found. So for the students who asked me about downloadable guitar lessons; well I hope they never read this because I’m sure as hell not going to tell them about it. At least not until I develop my own online program. He! He! A man’s got to eat right?

Jamorama is one of the most popular courses on the net today. The course has been one of the best ways to learn to play the guitar from your own home and is reasonable price for all that you get with the course. This online course starts you at (I do not know where my fingers go) beginner to oh my god how did I get so good. Ben Edwards is the creator of the course and he has put together a great entry level guitar lessons with easy to use instructions. They do have a downloadable lessons as well as a hard copy that they can ship to you. With the price difference, I recommend that you purchase the downloadable version.

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This is a full course on how to play from the beginning to advanced play. Before you spend all your time searching for the best computer guitar lessons on your own, I suggest that you try this course and see if it has what you are looking for. This course has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you do not like it you can return it with no questions at Jamorama!

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