Music: Good Lyrics Make a Good Song

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It is difficult to speak about music in general, as it will either take a lot of time or just one sentence to explain our attitude. It is an art which truly reflects life. It reveals our thoughts and wishes, stirs our memories and fills our minds with new ideas. We listen to music, we dance to music, finally we relax to music. In fact, music is all around us: in our iPods, Mp3 players, on TV, over the radio and in our hearts.

The world of music has no limits and everybody can discover there something which will meet their preferences and needs. Without music our life would be colourless and monotonous. We take delight in music, because it influences our mood and imagination, truly reflects our inner state and features of character, stirs deep emotions and makes us think. With its help we reduce stress and get new strength.

When we speak about music we commonly mean songs. Songs are all based on lyrics and melodies. Countless studies have showed that words considerably effect our way of thinking, actions and state of mind, and mostly outside conscious awareness. Favorite songs are listened to over and over, thus affecting our understanding of the world and people aroun us and awakening our emotions.

Lyrics are believed to be the most recognisable part of any song. It makes one song sound different from another. It makes it appealing to listeners. No doubt, there is also the rhythm that makes a song sound unique. But words are far easier to remember compared to instrumental music. In addition, they can be easily translated to somebody else. Thus, you will quicker find a CD, if you remember some main lyrics of a song you have heard over the radio. Lyrics are a significant part of any song which fans give special attention to. Nevertheless, there are good and bad song lyrics. Good lyrics are comrehensible and clear to a large circle of listeners, because they highlight crucial life situations and tell touching life stories. Bad lyrics mainly concentrate on trivial things that are unimportant and have no profound meaning. Sometimes they are simple slogans one step away from sheer gibberish. Many fans download songs which have meanings.

Hence, good lyrics combined with pleasantly sounded tunes turn a song into a musical masterpiece which will be listened to over and over by people of different age groups and nationalities and passed down from generation to generation.

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Music plays an important part in our life. Music accompanies us on a trip. We download numerous music files to our iPods, surf the Internet for hours looking for released songs etc. Here you will get guitar tabs.

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