Promoting Your Band Or Individual Artist Website?

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If you are actively promoting the band or artist but not promoting that band or artist website then you are making a huge mistake. A talented artist or band needs to have a website to display their talent and image to the world of online viewers. I will assume in these current times that you already know that. The question is how are you directing traffic to that website? The people won’t come to you unless your band’s name is already a household name. The competition in the music business is stiff to say the least.

You need to start by making sure the website is highly optimized. This involves stategic keyword placement thruout the website matching the content. Your pictures and images need to also have alternative text so the search engines can understand what those pictures are. Search engines do not have the ability to read a picture. They only read text therefore you must have alternative text in the pictures explaining to the search engines what the image is. Finally you will need to begin building good quality backlinks directing traffic toward the website. Some say building quality backlinks (links related to your site’s content) is the single most important aspect of SEO (search engine optimization). Having the website fully optimized can make the difference between getting hundred’s of thousand to even millions of viewers or getting few to none at all!

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