7 Ways Bands Can Get More Exposure

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Are you a band interested in gaining some more exposure? Well I’m sure you’re doing a couple of these things at the moment, but to be gaining fans and getting more listeners of your music there are 7 tips to give you a hand!

1/ A Myspace Account

This is a MUST for any band or musician, myspace has become the tool. You don’t even need a website any more, just a myspace with your songs uploaded , perhaps some pictures as well.

2/ Gig Gig Gig

Yeah so you may think you’re the next Guns n Roses, but you’ve got to gig everywhere and anywhere you can. A promoter once told me that “there are so many bands around now, so it’s sometimes impossible to pull out the needle from the haystack”. Gig your ass off, gain some followers, have CDs to sell at gigs and flyers with your myspace page on it.

3/ Youtube

Link your myspace with a youtube account. Put up some videos of you at venues (get a friend to record you with a cheap camera if nothing else), and record yourself doing an acoustic song in front of your PC as a sort of special song for the fans. This can help to gain fans and exposure, as well as keeping your current fans sweet.

4/ Contact Unsigned Bands Sites

There are lots of websites out there to help Unsigned Bands. Just search for unsigned bands in google and have a little look through (don’t just click on the first one or two! – have a proper dig through and see what the sites have to offer). Doing this can find competitions, opportunities and more.

A lot of Music mag websites also feature unsigned bands as well, so that’s also something to try.

5/ Enter Competitions

There are so many competitions out there for unsigned bands. A lot of them are even done via the net. Many of them may not seen like huge deals, but they will offer more exposure and some offer radio play as a reward. You can find these again by searching google or using social sites such as twitter to listen out for things.

6/ Use Twitter and Tweetdeck

Make a twitter account and then set up searches for “your band name” “music your location” – eg “killers” “music london” and similar searches like “bands london”, “unsigned bands”. Leave tweetdeck on in the background and whenever somebody posts anything with those keywords, you will be able to view it. Twitter is becoming more and more popular and this is a great way to find local venues that wants bands, music sites, or competitions. It’s also a good way of seeing if anybody is talking about you and what they have to say.

7/ The Radio

So you may not be able to instantly get your music played on the radio, but that is the aim. Air play = more fans = more money. That is the basic principle of air time and why it works so well. BBC Introducing is a great avenue to try and use, although it can be difficult to get played. Internet radio stations can be listened to by tens of thousands of people as well, so get in touch with them and ask them to play your track – most of them will.

So there are my 7 top tips for musicians looking for a little bit of extra exposure. I hope you enjoyed and please keep checking back for more articles in the future.

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