Death Metal Guitar Lesson – Improving Your Picking To Really Thrash

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Learning how to really pick like a professional on your guitar is an essential lesson for playing really powerful death metal guitar. Most of the verses and intros of common tunes are comprised of insane picking sections that really get your head banging.

Professional metal guitarists have usually been playing for years to develop the speed and skill that they have, but you can acquire a similar level of speed and technique with dedication. Check out these 5 effective tips to improve your death metal guitar-picking.

1. Choke up on the guitar pick. Make some small adjustments as to where your fingers feel the most comfortable holding the guitar pick. You might find that choking up on the pick, closer to the strings, gives you more control and power to your picking.

2. Move only your wrist or even just your fingers. Learning the lesson about keeping all the movement in your wrist or even down to your fingers is a good one to learn. In death metal guitar songs you’re going to be doing a lot of picking and to improve your speed, you should cut as much tenseness in your arm out of the equation.

3. Decide on what guitar pick size to use. Not everyone has the same preference for guitar pick sizes, so you really need to decide for yourself. Try out a few different thicknesses and shapes to see what really benefits your style of picking.

4. Practice consistent double picking. If you’re not already, you should be double picking, which is striking the string as you push it down and when you come back up. Pay close attention to this skill and try to be consistent with each strike for balanced strumming in your death metal songs.

5. Remove your left hand from the equation. Having more than you can handle in one song isn’t that fun, so sometimes you need to remove the fret hand. Just let your picking hand work for awhile and add the other to see if you’ve singled out your picking long enough.

There are a lot of lessons to be studied about death metal guitar that differs from other genres, but having a hard work-ethic will always be important for any style. Try out these tips and be dedicated to improving your picking to a fast and effective level of skill.

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