Music and Technology: The Digital Age of Music

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With the influx of new technology, today’s world has become the digital age in music.

Everyone is looking for the most original and innovative sound. The role of the producer is just as important today, as it was years ago when rap music was all about the DJ. So how does a producer separate himself from the rest, get recognition and get paid? Now, more than ever, it is more difficult for a musician to break into the industry through the traditional “demo” route. Contrastingly, it is now easier than ever if a person uses the right strategy.

According to Mahon Wise of, they have the formula. “Knowledge, Branding, Networking, Exposure and Opportunity are the key components to putting your talent on the correct platform to getting noticed. “Talent is a given. But that’s completely subjective. Some of the crap I hear on the radio doesn’t qualify as musical talent to me. But that’s an opinion. What I do know is that a musician in today’s market has a better chance of getting paid by creating a demand and utilizing the internet to create that buzz.” Unfortunately, if you’re waiting for your MySpace page to gain worldwide notoriety, you’ll wait wrong. “The average social network is just too overpopulated,” says DeWayne Rose, Co-CEO of Producers Live. And the average online production network is either too expensive or has failed to supply every need in one network. You have to go too many places to get what you need.”

Producers Live has resolved that issue and raised the bar for production websites. As a video network, they have set a new platform for music websites to live up to. Producers Live is a members only network of producers in which they offer the 5 key elements their research and experience has shown them to be the keys to success in today’s music market.

“We’ve provided an atmosphere for producers to increase their skill level, brand themselves and build a fanbase, network with other producers as well as artists and songwriters, gain exposure through our mixtape and nationally distributed magazine, and finally, earn and create opportunities for themselves.” Explains Mahon. Key partnerships with major and independent labels as well as distribution houses and colleges across the country have helped solidify their credibility. However, the innovative design of the website, combined with the ground breaking advancements that they have in store for their members, make Producers Live outshine other production websites. It looks like its all about the DJ all over again.

About the Author

C.C. Hill is freelance writer of 3 years with a BA in Mass Communication.

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