Aesthetics of Electronic Jazz

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The aesthetics of electronic jazz are an interesting development that can add a lot to modern jazz and electronic musicians. Electronic jazz is a new style combining electronic music and jazz in some fashion. It is not clearly defined because there can be a lot of different combination of electronic music and jazz that maintain the general spirit of electronic jazz, some artists make electronic music with a some jazz influence and some make jazz with some electronic influence. The interesting thing is that this new style can improve aspects of both genres and make them more accessible to more people.

One of the main problems with electronic music, especially sample based electronic styles is that the songs often do not progress beyond an original sample. Elements are added and taken away but in a lot of cases there is no more than an A and B section with minor rhythmic and instrumentation changes. Many artist do well with only that so it is not to say that its a problem necessarily. However, even a casual observer can sense that much electronic music lacks the development and motion possible with other styles.

Jazz is pure development and motion, which is why the combination of jazz and electronic is exiting. An electronic tune with some of the improvisational aspects of jazz can provide the basic electronic song format with a melodic element that at least is constantly changing. With the added point of melodic improv, electronic artists can keep a loop fresh without having to resort to cliche changes or the tiresome repetition that holds down many in the genre.

At the same time, jazz can gain a lot from electronic music. The increased instrumentation abilities of modern recording software and sample based instruments can add a lot to the standard setup of jazz groups. Many jazz artists have already added electronic elements to their music to great success.

Electronic jazz can offer a lot to fans of both jazz music and electronic. This is good for artists of both styles and any mixes of the two. With more people interested in any musical style, a demand for more of that type of music is created and this allows more great musicians to flourish.

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