Free Publicity for Your Band – 3 Tips To Help You Get Your Music Out To More People, for Free!

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The music industry is changing before our very eyes. It is no longer considered a bad idea to give away some of your music for free. Many new artists are even encouraging fans share mp3s of their songs!

The following three tips will help you get the word out about your music:

1) Give away an entire CD’s worth of music.

Giving away a whole album might seem crazy to you. You may have, in the past, thought that allowing fans to download a single song would be a great way to promote your full-length CD. Though this still rings true today, you may not have considered giving away a full CD’s worth of music. I am not suggesting that you always give away your latest CD release, especially if it’s in a costly physical form, but take a moment to think about the marketing potential of putting together a free compilation. Make it available as a download from your band’s website. Bandwidth costs next to nothing now-a-days, and there are now countless ways of sharing your music with the world at virtually zero cost to you, or your band.

2) Release some of your demos.

Consider releasing an “in-the-works” version of some of your songs. These can even be some demo tracks that you’ve created in the past.

3) Post your old videos on YouTube.

If you video-taped any of your past recording sessions, try editing a short video together and post it up on YouTube as well as other video sites. Be sure to also add your videos to your Facebook and MySpace pages. Anything of value that your fans would love to have and share with others, is a great way to get the word out about your music and build a following. Make sure that you respond to the comments on your videos and encourage fans to come to your shows and buy your physical CDs.

Take advantage of all the free publicity that you can now get for your band. The more you give your fans, the more you’ll receive back from them in the future.

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