Getting Your Money’s Worth – The Pros and Cons of Sonic Producer

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When you sign up for an online service designed to make professional backing beats for your music, especially one that costs you money, you want to make sure that you are going to get what you pay for, if not more. Does the service live up to its reputation? Can you actually do what it advertising using the service? Can you get the same thing elsewhere for the same price or cheaper? Getting your Money’s worth is a valid question that should be addressed before spending a dime! Sonic Producer is the most acclaimed online beat-making service available today and it does, in fact live up to its claims.

The Pros: Like all services there are good things and bad, but the positive definitely out weights the negative in the case! To begin with, you get professional quality sounds with which you can create astoundingly awesome beat tracks. The service allows you manipulate the beats any way you want, giving you the freedom to compose without constraint. The interface is simple and quick to learn. The playback is instantaneous and offers visual and well as sonic details to let you hone any part you wish to improve. The sound bank available is vast and placing the sounds within your music project is only a click of a button. You can also play the rhythms live, if you prefer, using the on screen keyboard, drum pads, or your own instruments attached to your computer. Once you have created the perfect backing track you can save it to your hard drive and use it immediately! Making beats has never been this fun and easy!

The service’s other features are thumbs up too! Online lessons are available for those wishing to gain the upper hand by advancing their knowledge of theory or performance techniques. Technical help is provided as well so you never have to worry about hitting a snag with what button push or how to finish getting that professional sound. There is practically nothing bad about making beats online with Sonic Producer!

The Cons: There is almost nothing bad about Sonic Producer! I have been using similar software for years and making music for much longer (almost 30 years now!) and the features offered by the service are amazing! The one thing I would say is negative about Sonic Producer is that you cannot save your beat file in any format other than an mp3. I would prefer a WAV of AIFF file to reduce compression issues later, but you do get the option to save to disc using a high bit rate, so working with the files you are able to save is still a great way to go!

The bottom line is Sonic Producer is well worth the price you pay for the service at just under $30. No need to take my word for it, though. They offer a full money back guarantee, so trying it out presents no risks what so ever!

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Happy Beat Making!

Will Connor Percussionist, Ethnomusicologist, and Music Ph.D. Candidate London, England and Honolulu, Hawai`i

About the Author

Connor grew up in S.C. watching kung fu & rubber monster movies & reading Gothic literature. After getting a degree in Acoustics/Music, he played drums w/ many goth, jazz, punk, art rock, & noise bands. He studied Tlignit drums in AK & played Asian percussion, studied Tibetan instruments, & got an Ethnomusicology MA in HI. Connor has travelled to over 25 countries to play/study music. He lives in London playing music & working on his music Ph.D.

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