Rap Music Going Back to Its Roots and Finding Success

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For the last five or six years, hip hop music has found itself in a bit of a descent. Sales have declined, and more importantly, the quality of music has suffered. While it is true that all genres of music have seen sales slide, none have been hit nearly as hard as rap music. Many have attributed its failure to the rise of the South, though this finger pointing has clearly done nothing but delay progress. Not too long ago, the Hip Hop Is Dead bandwagon started gaining more momentum, with the help of major artists such as Nas.
While many so-called fans are still on this bandwagon, hip hop music and culture are slowly gaining momentum once again, and the music is getting much better. Taking a page out of President Obama’s handbook, the hip hop industry is grass-rooting it back to the golden era, looking to the internet for viral marketing and promotion. Artists are taking it back to rapping about real life topics. Groups such as Slaughterhouse are forming to take on the three-headed monster, and are having success. We have seen the resurgence of the Wu-Tang Clan, and Duck Down Records is now stronger than ever, with releases from Skyzoo, Torae, Buckshot and KRS-One, and a new Smif-n-Wessun album in the works.
The truth is that hip hop music is not only recovering, maybe not fully when it comes to sales, but more than adequately when it comes to returning to the roots of what hip hop really was and still is. The latest hip hop music has proven that the true hip hop fans are still out there, and more than willing to spend a few dollars to support artists that are still making quality music.
2009 has been an excellent year for hip hop in so many aspects, not only marking the release of the second Purple Tape from Raekwon, and the long awaited official debut of Skyzoo, but also the very much anticipated return of Rakim, the God MC. Method Man and Redman put out a very quality album, and the Buckshot and KRS-One album has received rave reviews as well. Slaughterhouse, a group that prides itself in its lyrical ways, is now very close to signing with Shady Records, home of one of hip-hop’s greatest commercial successes in Eminem. Magazines are starting to cover more lyrical and substance oriented artists. The top internet music blogs are also helping lead the charge.
The truth is, rap music is back better than ever. While sales are still low, the music itself has rapidly improved, as hip hop artists have in many ways, stopped jumping on waves and fads, and have decided that they alone can take back hip hop music. With a changed mentality, and support from magazines, satellite and internet radio, and blogs, rap music has returned to its essence.

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DJ Henrock is an avid supporter of New Hip Hop Songs and Smif-N-Wessun

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