How To Start Your Own Record Label – Sound Advice For Beginners

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These days, starting your own record label is the way to go. Every single day, more and more independent record labels are sprouting up all across the country (and even the world). Some of those “little” indie labels will eventually grow to become a major player in the music industry. And if you start your own record label and do things the right way, you could be a part of those “little” labels that blow up.

I’ll be honest with you – Starting a record label isn’t easy. Ok, well the ACTUAL part of starting the label (preparing and filing business papers in your state to say you officially own a record label) is easy. It’s everything that follows that makes it hard being a new, fresh start-up indie label. But while it can be a challenge, breaking into the music industry is a feat in itself, and by having your own record label behind you, it can make that feat more easily accomplished.

Having your own record label has its benefits. It’ll make people take you more serious and will show your level of professionalism when it comes to your music. Even though people may not know much about your label, it gives off the appearance that you’re doing something right. There are also some tax breaks you may receive from having your own business as well. It can also help you land certain deals that an independent artist could not on their own (such as distribution). But while there are many benefits, you need to find some solid ground and have a business and marketing plan mapped out to help you grow your label into something worthwhile. Promoting your label will be no different than promoting yourself as an artist.

Before starting your own record label, you need to have a good understanding about the music business. You also should consult with an entertainment attorney or business attorney who can help you prepare and file your business papers. It would also be a wise decision to consult with an accountant as well, just so you’re aware of the tax laws of your new-found business.

Like I mentioned above, starting a record label requires work. You’ll need to promote your tail off to establish an image that people will start to become aware of. Another thing to think about is the future of the label and its goals. Are you starting a record label just to promote yourself as the only artist or are you looking to add other artists to the roster immediately or in the future? Do you have a marketing plan in place for any projects you plan to release on the label? Will you hire any employees or create various departments to help you with certain tasks or will you do these all on your own (publicity, A&R, radio, etc.)? These are all questions you should know the answer to before you begin the process of starting a record label.

After you figure it all out, it’s easy to get things rolling. Owning your own record label gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, according to your own terms. It can be a fun way to get started in the music industry. And, the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

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