Music Talent, A&R Contacts Plus Expert Music Promotion still Lead to Record Deals

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Music talent along with Experienced Music Promotion especially in conjunction with A&R Contacts, preferably unlimited A&R contacts, still lead more directly to record deals than perhaps any other process! Many independent music artists have come to the unhappy realization that attempting to get a record deal in the music business today can seem relatively futile.

More and more groups are releasing product independently rather than going through the frustrating and intimidating procedure of even trying to get signed by a label of any kind. While others hold on to the idea that having a record label represent them to provide music promotion, and to help set up bookings and get exposure to A&R executives is crucial. So who is right?

Music promotion books and music magazines used to help guide groups to learn what the music promotion industry is looking for in signing new artists to record deals. However, music promotion online has completely changed the way groups go about promoting themselves or their music. Music Promotion can still be a dirty business, too. Unfortunately, online music promotion is an essential part of any artist’s successful marketing campaign; so it must be done! If you can’t afford to hire a music promotion company or a promoter and have not been signed to a record deal or a label, your options are quite limited.

In some ways independent music promotion has become easier also. You can now discover new music talent with ease downloading huge variety off the internet. You can promote your records and reach a wider variety of the worldwide audience also using the internet. Internet can help you increase your fan base and even possibly help people recognize you for your music talent. So to some degree music promotion is even easier than it once was, there are just fewer directions or clear explanations.

Finding a full proof plan on how to sell your music is a very daunting task today. If you are reading this you are most likely proud of the original top quality music you and your band are producing, however, making music and selling it are two different things. Many bands recognize that they need help with music promotion and budget a portion of every gig for music promotion help. Many hire band managers and look to them for help with music promotion.

Other bands take the more empirical route and just work on developing a following. They figure if the music talent is there it will eventually be recognized. All of these ideas have merit but no one of them is a sure thing. So some combination of these ideas and extraordinary hard work can absolutely pay off. If you have the wherewithal to gather a few dollars to get some talented, focused music promotion help also, it can be incredibly helpful at expediting the entire process!

Joann Gullo is the CEO of A&R Unlimited, LLC, Extreme Management Group, Inc and Extreme Promotions, Inc. She is a music industry veteran who began her career working as Vice President of A and R Unlimited at Eagle Eye Entertainment.

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