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How to make money selling your beats online:

There are so many ways for up and coming music producers to earn money but the easiest and quickest way to make money is to sell your beats online. With over 10 or more different sites to choose from when selling your beats, music producers will have to choose the right and most visited sites to sell their beats. Though you will not get rich over night selling beats, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to sell your beats online. Producers will have to target sites that has traffics so they can easily start selling.
Now a days, because the beat selling industry is so competitive, individuals will have to come up with new strategies to get the maximum traffic they need to their sites this article will outline a few ways to make money selling your beats online.

1) choose the right website. with over 10 or more sites to choose from when selling your beats, it is very important to choose the right
website to sell your beats. But be careful, make sure you choose a website that is free to join and that will not charge you even if you have not sold any beats. There are free websites like to sell your beats for free and keep all your beat sales.

2) Promote your page: Don’t just stop there, you will need to promote your page with other social networking sites available on the internet such as Facebook, MySpace, twitter etc. Sites like gives you the necessary tools like embedded player to promote your beats.

3) Be in charge-Create different producers page: Recruit other producers to join your team in that case your beats will be diverse and not sound the same. This will earn you more commission from every producer who joins your team. Example 50% on lease sales 20% on exclusive. By creating different pages for your producers and managing them, you are going to be the one in charge. Don’t just rely on one page. Create different pages and track which producer is performing well. This will help you target and focus on what producer is bringing in the most cash for your
production company.

4) Sell your beats for dirt cheap- surprised? Well don’t be- as an up and coming producer, the best way to keep customers coming is to sell your beats at an affordable price. This will keep your customers coming for more. Nowadays, it does not take a whole lot of work to make beats. With programs like fruity loops, Reason etc. You can make beats within minutes. This strategy will not only prepare and showcase your talent but give your customers more options and wanting for more with so many beats to choose from.

These are few examples to help you start your beat selling business online. If you follow these steps you will be on your way to start making money by selling your own beats.visit site like and start selling your beats for free!!!!

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