Where to Find New Music

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There are literally hundreds of new bands out there vying for your attention. There used to be one or two genres based around what the music sounded like. Rock because it was hard and abrasive sounding, pop because it was popular and Dance because you could dance to it. Now it’s pretty hard to know what’s what. Rock is now generally known as metal while there are offshoots of genres such as alternative rock, emo rock and indie. These terms were at point coined because of the scenes they came out of. i.e. Alternative to the mainstream or independently financed but now they’re just called that for the credibility factor. So the first thing to do when hunting out new music is try not to worry too much about genres, they’re just labels that don’t apply too much these days.

The obvious places to go to hear new bands is the radio, tv, music shops etc. So you would think. What you are getting is what has been pre picked for you out of the thousand of artists available by major labels. It’s not what has risen to the top because of quality, it is what has been selected because of its chances of selling. Now imagine you were in a music warehouse with one thousand fantastic albums for you to pick through. Before you get stuck in finding what you like you are told that only the first five percent is available for you to check out. That is what situation you are in if you only go to the radio to find music.

So where are the best places to find new music? Myspace is one. Even though the site is currently losing users at an exponential rate it is still the first place that bands will go to submit their music. If you have a personal account and list which bands you like great stuff will find you. I check my requests every week or so and tons of bands ask to befriend me. I’ve come across some really bad music but I’ve also come across a few bands which I count as some of my favorites now. Most independent bands are fiercely busy when it comes to promoting their music and will hunt down fans online.

Another great place to go is independent music blogs. On these sites you will find recommendations from people who are passionate about music. They will spend a lot of time hunting out great new bands so you don’t have to. Just type in new music blogs into a search engine and you will find a raft of new rock music to choose from.

About the Author

Calum Macleod is the singer songwriter for Glasgow band Your Scarecrow

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Singing Tips The K.I.S.S Formula

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Keep It Simple Singing. Having trouble singing a song? Don’t just sing the whole song over and over again. Break it into sections and work with a productive practice attitude.

An easy way to give yourself confidence singing the song is to remove all of the words. You might be surprised what a difference it makes when you sing your verse or chorus on the syllable “Nay”. Try it. Experience shows that where you were unable to hold notes on the words, you will be able to transfer your exercise knowledge to the song and develop more power — not to mention more self-esteem and confidence. Try it for yourself.

Once you are able to sing strongly on one syllable, add the words back in and see how you do. This is not a one step process. You may need to practice your song with this idea several times. In singing, persistance counts.

A bit on owning the song you sing…..

Once you understand the mechanics of singing, the fun part really begins. The color and character you add to your singing tone and vocal performance can be as unique as your fingerprint.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find your comfort zone. Some people truly enjoy singing karaoke or singing with a cover band – all the while working to sound like the popular artist that made the song famous. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is also not a rule you must follow. Don’t be afraid to share your own sound, your own style.

One thing is true, singing someone else’s message is rarely the way to a standing ovation. Sing your own message with sincere intent. “Own the song” you are singing, whether it is similar to what has been known before or very different. Make it yours. You tell the audience what their perception of the performance should be…only you. Only you gives someone permission to make you feel inferior as you sing. So sing proudly, no matter what your level of expertise or experience.

Above all else, enjoy your voice and others will too.

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